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The best 3D printer for beginners and budget creators in 2020

The best 3D printer for beginners and budget creators in 2020

Written by David

April 19, 2020


Maker culture is thriving and will only get bigger, thanks in large part to YouTube’s vast library of how-to videos that will teach you how to make just about anything under the sun. 3D printing is an ever-growing area as people discover just how game-changing they’ve become.


Imagine the possibilities of being able to print fun as well as functional items right at home. 3D printing , like virtual reality , is one of those technologies that edges ever closer to mainstream every year. We’ve seen the 3D print concept play out for years on TV and in movies (what do you think a Star Trek replicator is doing?), and printing with a 3D printer at home is finally growing beyond a wildly exotic hobby for a small enthusiast audience. Back in 2018, I started playing around with 3D printing, less commonly known as additive manufacturing , mostly to […]

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