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The best 3D printers in 2019 for beginners and budget creators

The best 3D printers in 2019 for beginners and budget creators

Written by David

November 2, 2019


3D printing, like virtual reality , is one of those technology things that always seems to be on the cusp of going mainstream — without ever quite crossing over. Even though we’ve seen the concept play out for years on TV and in movies (what do you think a Star Trek replicator is doing?), having a 3D printer at home is still considered wildly exotic outside a small enthusiast audience.


Last year, I started playing around with 3D printing, less commonly known as additive manufacturing, mostly to satisfy my own curiosity, with an unexpected result. I’m now completely addicted to 3D printing. Over the past several months, I’ve searched for the best 3D printer technology and tested several 3D printing models, from rock-bottom Monoprice printers to step-up resin printers that produce a truly professional-level print for prototyping. Below are printers in the lower-cost price range that we tested […]

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