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The best 3D printers in 2020

The best 3D printers in 2020

Written by David

January 23, 2020


You may not know it, but the best 3D printers can be brilliant tools for photographers, as well as for other creatives and DIYers. They enable you to make attachments for your cameras, such as lens hoods and caps, and because you’re the one designing them, their dimensions will perfectly fit your devices.

 .Consumer 3D Printers


Even better, the best 3D printers can quickly print out your designs, so you don’t have to go to a shop, or wait around for an online order. With a bit of time and imagination, the best 3D printers can allow you to create totally unique tools and accessories that can really benefit your photography. There have also been examples of people using 3D printers to create their own retro large format cameras. And it is even possible to print your own 3D textured plastic photographs, known as lithophanes with a 3D printer. […]

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