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The Eggshell Process: 3D Printing Ultra-Thin Concrete Structures

The Eggshell Process: 3D Printing Ultra-Thin Concrete Structures

Written by David

May 8, 2020


Researchers from Zurich, Switzerland continue recent trends in studying progressive techniques in construction, detailing their work in the recently published, ‘ Eggshell: Ultra-Thin Three-Dimensional Printed Formwork for Concrete Structures .’


Industrial users around the world rely on concrete for the production of robust structures. Today, 3D printing with concrete is becoming increasingly popular, evidenced in numerous projects culminating in bridges, offices, and homes .


While numerous techniques are employed globally, methods such as FDM 3D printing are not being used as often as one might expect, mainly due to complexities in creating concrete formworks.


In this study the researchers look into the potential of eggshell fabrication, allowing for the efficient construction of ‘nonstandard concrete structures.’ The Eggshell process provides a 1.5-mm-thin thermoplastic shell that can be used as a formwork, permitting users to create projects on a large scale, accompanied by robotics in FDM 3D printing. “Eggshell […]

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