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Top 5 Videos: Dubai’s 3D Printed Martian City in the Desert


Outside of Dubai, in the desert, the United Arab Emirates wants to build a 177,000 square meter city that will replicate living conditions on Mars. To build the houses, the architects used 3D printing and desert sand.


Next, we will introduce you to Relativity Space’s latest project, which aims to create the first fully 3D printed rocket, even larger than their previous attempts. Finally, check out Anycubic’s newest machine, Vyper, which has new and improved features, like auto-leveling, that make it excellent for both pros and beginners. Happy Sunday and enjoy the top 5 3D printing videos from the week! Top 1: Dubai’s Mars Science City As part of the Emirates’ Mars 2117 plan to establish a colony on Mars within a century, architecture firm BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) has unveiled the Mars Science City project. Located in the desert outside of Dubai, the 177,000-square-meter city simulating life on Mars is equipped with cutting-edge technology and innovative features. The city’s modular homes were 3D printed with desert sand and their construction was facilitated by advanced robotic arms. s Top 2: Larger 3D-printed rocket from Relativity Space competes with Space […]

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