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The uses and prospects for 3D printing in pharmacology

The uses and prospects for 3D printing in pharmacology

Written by David

June 11, 2020


Alina Dvoretskaya describes how 3D technologies are used in pharmacology and the benefits these offer to the healthcare industry. Three-dimensional (3D) technology is considered one of the promising areas of medicine. The world has already seen printed anatomical prostheses, hearing aids, heart valves, biological tissues and many others. Therefore, innovative 3D scanning and printing systems have the potential to open up new opportunities that are difficult to overestimate.


Thanks to the individualisation of the treatment process, 3D technology will lay the foundation for the treatment of less common diseases” As such, 3D printing also has a great significance in pharmacology. Its use in this area forms the basis of a new concept for patient-centric treatment. Through additive pill manufacturing , personalised medicines and therapies can be developed. This can help patients receive the most effective treatment at the most cost-effective price. Over the past five years, scientists have been […]

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