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Sartomer is co-developing materials for Paxis’ WAV 3D printing process

Sartomer is co-developing materials for Paxis' WAV 3D printing process

Written by David

June 11, 2020


Specialty chemical company Sartomer has announced it is developing custom materials for Paxis ’ WAV additive manufacturing technology.


The company, which specialises in advanced photocurable resins and 3D printing materials through its N3XTDIMENSION brand, is said to be working with Paxis on materials tailored to the Wave Applied Voxel process and application-specific requirements.


“Sartomer is a historic partner for 3D printing innovators, and we are excited to collaborate with Paxis because WAV technology is positioned to change manufacturing as it exists today,” said Sumeet Jain, senior director, 3D Printing Worldwide at Arkema. “Through our joint efforts, we aim to develop next-generation products and solutions that will continue to disrupt and advance the way parts are mass manufactured.”


Paxis is a spin-off company from U.S. 3D printing service bureau CIDEAS Inc. , which developed WAV in-house and launched the technology back in 2017 after feeling frustrated by the […]

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