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These 3D Printed Architectural Features Could Not Be More Beautiful

These 3D Printed Architectural Features Could Not Be More Beautiful

Written by Paul

January 13, 2021


3D printed flooring at BWM World, Munich In 2013, architects from DUS Architects created the 3D Print Canal House , a three year design-and-build research project looking to address new global housing solutions.


That project paved the way for the firm’s spin-out, Aectual , a tribute to the industries they serve – architecture, engineering and construction. Patricia Urquiola is a Spanish internationally-acclaimed architect. In 2019, she designed the exhibition flooring at BMW World in Munich using 3D printing from Aectual. The start-up now has €3.5 Million to date and is backed by two European impact funds, Amsterdam Climate and Energy Fund (AKEF) and DOEN . There are companies that use extra-large (XL) printers to create 3D-printed buildings in concrete, but the market for commercial architectural features like flooring or wall panels has not stepped into the spotlight until now. Hedwig Heinsman , co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Aectual and co-founder of DUS Architects, says there is a reason for that. “The construction sector is rather archaic, slow and capital intensive. Also, every country, every state, and sometimes even every different city, has its building regulations, which makes it hard to scale globally,” said Heinsman. “For this reason, Aectual […]

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