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These Unique 3D Printers Are All on Sale Today

These Unique 3D Printers Are All on Sale Today

Written by David

November 8, 2019


It used to be that 3D printers could only be found in esoteric engineering magazines (and perhaps the occasional sci-fi movie).


Now, however, it’s completely possible for anyone with a great idea and a modest budget to print 3D models of everything from small toys to scaled models of skyscrapers in the comfort of their own home, and we’ve listed three of the coolest 3D printers on the market right here. MSRP: $396 | Sale Price: $299 (24% off) This resin-based 3D printer makes it easy to create clear and non-fade 3D structures using super-clear UV LCD materials.


You’ll be able to choose from a variety of resins based on the type of project you want to create, and since the printer weighs only 1.1 pounds, you’ll be able to bring it wherever your creativity takes you. MSRP: $469 | Sale Price: $315 (32% off) You don’t need to […]

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