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Three reasons why 3D printing must be boring

Three reasons why 3D printing must be boring

Written by Paul

December 21, 2020


3D printing thrives on innovation, new materials, speed and simplification of the process. But is this the right strategy for the future when it comes to the successful use of AM technology?


Boredom is actually almost non-existent in the ever-faster spinning world. But in terms of additive manufacturing, it could be the key to success. (Source: Unsplash) Groundbreaking applications are presented that were never before in the sights of engineers and users. There is a sense of optimism for the constant change and further development of the young 3D printing technology. However, if the focus is placed on the essentials of 3D printing, it is a manufacturing technology like any other. It solves problems by making components that are lighter, faster to use and more functional. Whether for prototypes, manufacturing aids or in the product itself. Once the problem to be solved is known and well identified, choosing the right 3D printing technology, printing and post-processing is the shortest and easiest step. Flooding with innovation prevents progress In essence, the ‘3D printed solution’ is always the focus of the user. Do newly developed materials, advanced technologies as well as even smarter software play such a big role in this […]

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