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Two Trees Sapphire Pro: High-Quality CoreXY on a Budget

Two Trees Sapphire Pro: High-Quality CoreXY on a Budget

Written by David

October 16, 2019


Thanks to its CoreXY architecture the Two Trees Sapphire Pro offers superior print results at productivity-enhancing speeds.


Is it the next big thing in budget desktop 3D printing?


The makeup of the low-cost desktop 3D printing market is dominated by Prusa i3 inspired machines, rattling off prints using an arguably inefficient implementation of the Cartesian coordinate system.


On the one hand, these machines offer a simple structure, easy assembly and typically provide a suitable introduction to desktop 3D printing. But on the other, there are hard limitations in the print quality possible without spending larger sums of money for it. But something better is possible.


Ruminating online for years as experiments and plans for self-sourced kits, and maturing of late into more complete out-of-the-box 3D printers, the CoreXY motion system presents an intriguing alternative that offers both speed and quality, something available in spades in the […]

TwoTrees Sapphire Pro

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