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Useful Parts On-Demand Via 3D-Printing

Useful Parts On-Demand Via 3D-Printing

Written by David

December 17, 2019


Some time ago—actually somewhere around 1 year, 7 months ago if we’re to go by my unboxing video for my first 3D printer —I was skeptical of 3D-printing.


Sure, you can obviously make figurines and other fun devices for your entertainment, but that never held much appeal to me. Plus, I have an automated “making” tool in the form of a CNC router, so whats the difference?


After having a printer for a while ( and eventually upgrading to an even better one), I can say that the difference is night and day. While they can make some of the same parts, the big differences that I see in practical terms are: Printers are great for small intricate parts, while CNC routers are excellent if you need to work with a larger surface.


Printers are comparatively very slow compared to a CNC router, but don’t need to be monitored […]

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