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What happens when you apply machine learning to 3D printing?

What happens when you apply machine learning to 3D printing?

Written by David

June 29, 2021


Researching the future of manufacturing at I-Form, Dr Vivek Mahato believes intelligent systems can help to further reduce waste and improve product quality. After achieving a bachelor’s degree, Dr Vivek Mahato started his career as a web developer in India. But his interest in researching data science drew him to Ireland.


This led him to complete a master’s degree in University College Dublin, followed by a PhD in machine learning in additive manufacturing (more commonly known as 3D printing) at I-Form, the Science Foundation Ireland research centre for advanced manufacturing. While UCD is the lead institution for I-Form, its research spans other academic partners, including Dublin City University (DCU). It’s here that Mahato took up a postdoctoral position in order to extend the research he began under his PhD. ‘Curiosity, along with an aptitude for coding, propels my research career in machine learning’ – DR VIVEK MAHATO What inspired you to become a researcher? I see myself back in fifth grade attending a class of Mr Sanjay Adhikary, our science teacher. His teaching excellence and captivating stories drove me to be curious. As I grew up, I delved more into finding new avenues […]

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