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What I learned buying my first 3D printer

What I learned buying my first 3D printer

Written by Paul

December 21, 2020


I’d been considering getting a 3D printer for a long time, but I held off because I couldn’t think of anything I really to print.


Then I came across the Ortak line of 3D printable camera support products from Edelkrone and knew I’d found the excuse I was looking for. Asking a Nerd for help Naturally there are countless different 3D printers on the market, so I needed some expert advice to pick the right one for me. Enter Joel Telling, the self-proclaimed 3D Printing Nerd and host of the popular YouTube channel of the same name. Joel gave me some great advice for choosing a printer, what to look for, different options available, printing materials and how to stay within my budget. We discussed different models from Prusa Research , Creality and other brands, and in the end I picked one well under my $500 budget. I’m not going to tell you which one here, so you’ll have to watch my video to find out. Putting it all together While I was waiting for my printer to be delivered, I ordered the $29 Edelkrone Skater 3D kit. This little dolly was going to revolutionize my at-home video production […]

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