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What is sheet lamination 3D printing?


One of the lesser known 3d printing technologies is sheet lamination, sometimes also known as laminated object manufacturing (LOM).


It is considered additive because one sheet of material is bound to another, in a layer by layer process. Early sheet lamination systems used ordinary paper that may have been coated with a binding agent or that had a binding agent sprayed on during the process. More modern methods converted to using a coated paper, which simplified the equipment. In some cases, colored paper was used, in other cases colored inks were deposited onto the paper to achieve a color three-dimensional object. In most cases, the final part was either cut layer by layer with a laser or a blade. This technology was primarily used for prototyping or “look and feel” proofs of a design. Because of the binding agents, objects made through sheet lamination often had wood-like properties. They […]

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