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What Makes for a Great 3D Printing Webinar?

What Makes for a Great 3D Printing Webinar?

Written by David

October 29, 2019


Tools and insights to help people choose the right 3D printer, materials, or become more knowledgable about how disruptive technologies can benefit the industry, are very important.


This is one of the reasons why a lot of well-established companies and startups are turning to webinars to help users boost their understanding of a 3D printer they already own or to attract new customers.


Nevertheless, webinars take up time, usually around an hour or more. On average people spent one-third of their time on work and around five hours a day for leisure (at least in the US), so whether you’re taking time out of a work project, using your much-needed coffee break at the office or staying up late at night, that webinar should be worth it for you to consider it. Faris Sheikh using Form 3 during a webinar With so many different types of manufacturing methods available, […]

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