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Why Dubai wants to become a 3D printed city

Why Dubai wants to become a 3D printed city

Written by David

July 24, 2019


It started life as a novel way to create plastic objects, but 3D printing is rapidly developing into a technology that can make anything from body parts to bread.


But some are thinking much bigger — printing full-size buildings from concrete. Last week, property developer Emaar announced it is 3D printing a house as part of its Arabian Ranches III complex in Dubai. Only around 20 buildings have been created this way worldwide, and Dubai seems determined to own the nascent industry. The Emirate is already home to the world’s first 3D-printed office , as well as a 3D-printed drone research laboratory .


With a target of having a quarter of all new buildings 3D printed by 2030, Dubai looks set to become a hub for this high-tech construction. ‘The potential is billions of dollars’ 3D printing a building uses the same principles as 3D printing a toy — […]

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