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Why Raspberry Pi Demand Is Surging In The Wake Of Coronavirus As Makers Boom


The Raspberry Pi is a very cheap developer board that can be used for many different types of electronics projects and has been around for years, through multiple iterations.


During the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve seen fun projects, and lifesaving devices created using the cheap single-board computer. Sales of the Raspberry Pi have boomed during the coronavirus outbreak hitting 640,000 units in March.


That 640,000 units sold number is the second-biggest month for sales of the Pi since the device hit the market.


Some of the record number of Pi sales would have been made even if coronavirus wasn’t an issue. However, many buyers are taking advantage of the cheap developer board, specifically because of challenges posed by the coronavirus outbreak. Eben Upton, the co-creator of the Raspberry Pi , told TechRepublic that some of the demand is coming from households that are facing a challenge with multiple people in […]

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