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X-Ray 3D Printing!

X-Ray 3D Printing!

Written by David

October 7, 2020


Researchers have developed a method for 3D printing microstructures using X-rays. In 3D printing there are a few critically important attributes: strength would be one, but resolution is another. For many 3D print applications, high resolution is required. This is particularly important for the production of extremely tiny microstructures, for which there are only a few methods available to do so.


Resolution achievable by a 3D printing process often depends significantly on the active element of the system. For example, in an FFF system, the resolution is mostly governed by the diameter of the nozzle through which soft thermoplastic is extruded. In an SLA system, the maximum achievable resolution is the diameter of the laser “dot” that illuminates the photopolymer resin. It’s possible to use lenses to shrink the laser dot, but then it’s a game of chemistry to ensure that […]

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