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Boom Supersonic Unveils XB-1 Airplane with 21 3D Printed Parts


When it comes to tech news, we always have to be wary of new technologies, particularly when they come from startups. We don’t need to remind readers of Theranos and the impact it had on the perception of revolutionary new companies.


Today, Colorado-based Boom Supersonic has made a first step toward dispelling any disbelief about the startup’s ability to build aircraft that can travel faster than the speed of sound with the unveiling of the XB-1, a prototype vehicle meant to demonstrate the firm’s capabilities. While the potential to travel faster than sound is impressive in itself, the XB-1 project is notable for the fact that it features 21 3D printed parts.


The XB-1 is a demonstrator one-third the size of the ultimate Overture passenger plane Boom aims to roll out in 2025, with certification completed in 2029. Boom relied on metal 3D printing technology from VELO3D, as well […]

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