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Xolo Introduces First Commercial Volumetric 3D Printer

Xolo Introduces First Commercial Volumetric 3D Printer

Written by Paul

January 7, 2021


Berlin startup xolo is in the process of launching xube, what could be considered the first commercially available volumetric 3D printer—if it gets off the ground.


At the moment, the xube can be reserved for purchase , but is only meant as a test-bed machine to explore the possibilities of volumetric 3D printing, or “xolography” as the company refers to it. The xube 3D printer from xolo. Image courtesy of xolo. While we’ve covered volumetric 3D printing in the past, all previous endeavors have been at the research stage. What makes the technology so fascinating and unique is the fact that it is theoretically capable of fabricating objects in mere seconds. It does this by curing photopolymer resin within a polymer vat from multiple angles, hardening it into a solid part all at once, as opposed to layer by layer. The exact method behind the volumetric technique varies depending on who’s doing it. Xolography expands on other methods of volumetric 3D printing, such as that developed by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) , with the introduction of a laser beam. Whereas LLNL’s computed axial lithography (CAL) relies on a projector to cast a 3D model as a movie onto […]

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