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Your Garage Needs a 3D Printer

Your Garage Needs a 3D Printer

Written by David

March 10, 2021


Last year, I picked up a 2021 Honda Accord Touring painted in that proper, clear-coated-primer shade of gray (Honda calls it Sonic Gray Pearl for some reason). It’s a great car with tons of small luxury features, but when I went to put my bags in the trunk for the first time, I noticed that there was no trunk pull.


Now, you might think I’m overreacting, but I hate touching my paint. Hate it. To think that I have to put my greasy fingers on the lid of my trunk to close it is asinine, and to know that Honda even designed a factory mounting point for an $8 part (which isn’t equipped on U.S. models) is enraging. That’s when it hit me: why not just 3D-print one ? Rob Stumpf Like a glove. I mean, if 3D printing and prototyping are good enough for automakers, surely they’re good enough for me, right? I broke out my calipers and took some measurements, then designed a part ( which you can download here ) that could snap into place and let me pull my trunk closed without having to touch the paint. Three hours later, I pulled the completed part […]

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