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14 Ways 3D Printers Have Impacted Fashion, Spaceships and the Human Heart


3D printing has already made a mark on almost every industry. A business student walks into a 3D printing lab.


Now what?


It sounds like the setup to a joke. But as the director of MakerLab, a 3D printing lab in the Gies Business School at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Dr. Vishal Sachdev actually sees that happen all the time.


“The first question that people have is, What do I do with [the printers]?” he told Built In. “Most people are not really used to making things. They’re used to buying things.” To show newbies the technology’s possibilities, Sachdev and his team start with “everyday objects” like keychains and paperclips. His first personal 3D-printing project, Sachdev vaguely remembers, was a comb. That was back in 2012. Like many people at the time, Sachdev had heard of 3D printing — it’s been billed as the next big […]

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