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3 Reinvigorated 3D Printing Stocks to Buy for Q1

3 Reinvigorated 3D Printing Stocks to Buy for Q1

Written by Paul

January 12, 2021



This is a really awesome article about the rise of today’s 3D Printing Market from both a company perspective and a stock perspective.. Pc

Source: Shutterstock Remember 3D printing stocks? Back in 2013, they were all the rage on Wall Street … for a few months. But the “factory in every home” dream was short-circuited by the reality that 3D printing is a complex, costly, laborious and time-consuming process..

Most consumers and businesses felt the limitations of 3D printing were too numerous to overlook. The industry soon abandoned its dreams of printing a pizza dinner , leaving 3D printing stocks to fend off the bears. Until 2021. Shares of industry leader 3D Systems (NYSE: DDD ) doubled overnight this week after the company reported much better-than-expected fourth-quarter numbers. Long story short, analysts were looking for revenues to fall 15% year-over-year in Q4, and for profits to fall about 20%. Instead, revenues are going to come in up 5% year-over-year, while adjusted profits are expected to more than double, and maybe even triple. That’s a huge delta. It can be explained by the fact that the once-overhyped, now-depressed 3D printing industry is finally ready to break out. Old 3D printers were slow, expensive and niche, since they could only print in plastic. But these machines have made huge advancements in terms of cost, speed […]

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