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3D Printing Fishing Lure Molds

3D Printing Fishing Lure Molds

Written by David

April 12, 2020


Every fisherman has a secret. A secret spot, a secret technique, or a secret bait. Maybe that’s why tying flies is so popular.


[Steve] certainly has is own special lures, although he’s not keeping it a secret .


He designs lures in Simplify3D, 3D prints molds, and then casts them. The 3D printing part is interesting, but it is also kind of neat to see the lures and the natural prey he uses for inspiration. If you want to catch fish, you have to use bait that looks like real food. [Steve] has other videos that cover more basic lures, but one covers a wavy split line cuttlefish analog and a four-tailed grub. The grub’s mold is in four parts and each part took six hours to print, so this isn’t a project for those of us with short attention spans. The plastic in use is […]

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