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Additive is helping to build capacity fast

Additive is helping to build capacity fast

Written by David

April 12, 2020


The additive community continues to impress with how quickly additive vendors meet the needs of healthcare workers and the general public in the development of protection devices. I spoke with Blake Teipel, cofounder and CEO at Essentium, on what the company has been and is doing during this pandemic. Here are some highlights from the interview.


The Texas National Guard called Essentium to help address various shortages in Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). “I’ll probably remember that for a long time,” said Teipel. As the COVID outbreak was hitting the US and affecting so many communities, the folks in the Texas Military Department were being asked by the governor’s office to increase capacity for manufacturing and procurement to help the State of Texas to care for the communities, including Austin, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. “Because of the lack of cohesive federal leadership, the states are having to kind […]

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