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SLA 3D Printing: How Strong Is Resin?

SLA 3D Printing: How Strong Is Resin?

Written by David

April 11, 2020


It’s a given that SLA 3D printing produces highly detailed and accurate parts with very nice surface finishes. At the same time, SLA is slowly being used for more diverse applications because there’s a greater variety of resins available. Still, when tough and functional parts are required, SLA printing isn’t usually the go-to technology.


Why is that? Well, it’s true that most standard resins are relatively brittle compared to other 3D printing materialsand aren’t recommended for stressed parts or outdoor use, there are tough and durable resins on the market specifically formulated for stronger applications. And they can really strong.


In this article, we’ll look more into these tough 3D printing resins and show you just how strong they can really be. .

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