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3D Printing, Generative Design Put This EV on a “Diet”

3D Printing, Generative Design Put This EV on a "Diet"

Written by David

October 7, 2020


The Fun Utility Vehicle (FUV) is a lightweight, fully electric car designed for right-sized transportation. The 1,300-pound vehicle “lost” 12 pounds in 30 days thanks to generatively redesigned parts enabled by 3D printing (the pink suspension components seen here).


“There’s a giant disconnect between what a car can do and how we actually use them on a daily basis,” says Mark Frohnmayer. “And that disconnect creates a massive amount of inefficiency.”


Although most cars can carry five to seven people and travel hundreds of miles, the majority of trips are local and move just one or two people at a time, he explains. Most of us are driving around more car than we need to be, using more fuel and occupying more space than is truly necessary. Frohnmayer’s proposed solution to this […]

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