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3D printing helped create the new BMW iX, will it help produce it too?


BMW Group is now ready to enter a new era for its EV range, by introducing the new BMW iX. Conceived from the outset for purely electric mobility, the iX sees BMW redefining the successful Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) concept, initially presented two years ago with the iNEXT project.


A defining characteristic of the iX/iNEXT is the front grille, which will house sensors and electronic connectors and is vital for highly-automated driving. It allows the integration of camera technology, radar functions and further sensors required for highly developed driver assistance systems into the front end of the vehicle. The original prototype of the grille was, of course, 3D printed, as we revealed back when the project was originally announced . Will the production of the grille component also involve additive manufacturing? It probably would make sense for BMW to use AM to produce the entire grille, or parts of […]

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