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3D Printing is Changing the Way We Eat Food

3D Printing is Changing the Way We Eat Food

Written by David

June 13, 2020


A little over two years ago, a Japanese startup Open Meals caught media attention when it showcased its patent-pending “Pixel Food Printer.” The prototype could 3D print various types of food, especially sushi—one of the best-known Japanese foods around the world.


The 8-bit gel pixelated sushi was not exactly a gastronomist’s delight, nor did it even come anywhere close to Jiro Ono’s famed sushi. What mattered was that the sushi demoed at South by Southwest (SXSW) 2018 was edible. Open Meals exhibited a refined concept at SXSW 2019. To sample the food, however, users had to first provide a sample of their saliva, urine or stool for the 3D printer to determine any deficiencies in their diets and print a customized sushi accordingly. That year, the company also announced that it would launch a restaurant […]

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