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3D Printing to Bring About Dental Revolution

3D Printing to Bring About Dental Revolution

Written by Paul

December 20, 2020


Although the 3D printing market share is less than 10%, it is forecast to grow to KRW 4 trillion in 2021. Even though the problems of the 3D printing industry are caused by lack of understanding of 3D printing characteristics, the biggest reason is the low durability of printing materials. What is important in developing new materials for 3D printers is high strength, high shock resistance, and high modulus of elasticity.


Currently, the sector that uses 3D printing most actively is dentistry. As it is directly related to the human body, the technical level of difficulty is high. Therefore, the safety and mass production of materials used in dentistry are especially important, and the development of such new material has become the foremost task. There is a company that developed the material for permanent dental prosthesis and clear aligner material whose printing is possible, and both materials can meet […]

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