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3D Systems continues push into bioprinting with Allevi partnership


The research community is critical to developing breakthrough innovations in regenerative medicine. 3D Systems, with the addition of Allevi Inc , is now able to provide a robust set of Allevi by 3D Systems bioprinting solutions to researchers and industry giants in hundreds of labs globally.


Allevi is a leading innovator in the bioprinting space with an exclusive focus on the research and development community. Leading laboratories leverage Allevi’s portfolio of hardware, biomaterials and software to design, engineer and build solutions for tissue engineering, organ-on-a-chip research, pharmaceutical validation, biomaterial development, and regenerative medicine. 3D bioprinted trachea model (Image courtesy of United Therapeutics) Allevi desktop 3D bioprinters are among the most versatile, powerful and easy-to-use bioprinters on the market. Customers also have access to a wide range of biomaterials—bioinks, bioink additives, cells, reagents and consumables—as well as an intuitive software interface. In the medical field, 3D Sytems has delivered additive manufacturing solutions to the healthcare community for more than 30 years. Having produced more than 2,000,000 serial component medical devices and 140,000 patient-specific surgical cases, the company is now scaling the […]

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