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3D Systems Is Now a Player in the 3D Bioprinting Market

3D Systems Is Now a Player in the 3D Bioprinting Market

Written by David

May 27, 2021


While it’s still relatively early in the company’s turnaround, things have been looking brighter over the last couple of quarters. Revenue is growing, debt is gone, cash flow from operations is positive, and non-core assets are being divested. One of CEO Jeffrey Graves’ smartest moves, however, hasn’t received the attention it deserves: increasing the company’s push into the burgeoning 3D bioprinting market.


The Holy Grail in bioprinting is to use the technology to produce fully functional solid organs for human transplant purposes, though there are also potentially lucrative applications over the nearer and intermediate terms. Image source: Getty Images. 3D Systems is beefing up its 3D bioprinting chops Earlier this month, 3D Systems announced that it had acquired Allevi, a small Philadelphia-based 3D bioprinting company. “Bioprinting” generally refers to using 3D printing technology to print animal and human cells to produce three-dimensional, functional tissues. 3D […]

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