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A home partially made by a 3D printer on display in Napa

A home partially made by a 3D printer on display in Napa

Written by David

June 7, 2021


Mighty Buildings of Oakland is making modular homes using parts created by a giant 3D printer. The homes come completely finished and turn-key, except for furniture.


Maybe you’ve heard about 3D printing toys or other trinkets. How about 3D printing a house? A company called Mighty Buildings is doing exactly that — and at least two Napa County residents are buying such a home. For the next few weeks, locals can check it out in person. In the parking lot of the SpringHill Suites by Marriott at 101 Gateway Road East near the airport, Mighty Buildings has set up a studio home built using 3D printing technology. No, it’s not a plastic house or built with Lego-like bricks, explained sales and marketing staffer Chao Chen. It’s more sophisticated than that. Mighty Buildings uses 3D printing technology and proprietary “light stone material” to create a versatile building product. “We can print walls, floors, ceilings and more,” Chen said. Mighty Buildings is still developing their technology, explained Chen. Right now only about 20% of the unit—the large curved back panel of the home—is made using the 3D process. But in the next phase, they plan to increase that number to 80%. […]

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