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Adding more layers: plenty of room left to innovate with polymer 3D printers


As the market for additive manufacturing has exploded in recent years , so has the range of solutions available.


Driven by a need for answers to various limitations, a proverbial 1,000 flowers have bloomed among machine providers. Newer techniques inspired by metal injection moulding, jetting with binders, and fast curing of polymers using light and oxygen have been among attempts to improve on older additive techniques.


Two of the most popular AM methods date back to the 1980s – fused deposition modelling (FDM , which is also known as fused filament fabrication, FFF) and stereolithography.


Australian company, iOrthotics – a maker of custom shoe inserts – is a case study in how a move from FDM to a newer additive technology (Multi Jet Fusion) enabled it to create better, stronger parts, more quickly, and to reach new markets as a result . […]

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