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College friends invent a 3D printer

College friends invent a 3D printer

Written by David

November 4, 2019


If you ask most people to name an activity fraternity brothers engage in, few would answer “Build a 3D printer.” But that’s what Chris Haid and three fellow students at MIT did in 2013.


“We were in the same fraternity, and we’d spend a lot of time together on weekends doing various 3D printing projects,” said Haid, current general manager of Cincinnati Inc. ’s additive unit. “We had all these cool inventions and designs and no way to make them. So we built a 3D printer”—from 3D-printed parts.


Despite having access to their own printer, however, it was still “hairy” scheduling ample time for each student to complete his projects. “A print job would take too long or (the machine) went down and the whole schedule […]

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