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Adidas 4DFWD 3D-printed shoe has Carbon design midsole


When a company as massive as Adidas starts using a certain sort of technology in their shoes, you know said technology is… pretty much here to stay. Such is the story with 3D printing and the 4DFWD shoe.


This isn’t the first shoe to use 3D printed parts, but it is very likely the new widest release of a shoe with 3D printed parts. And every new release with 3D printed parts means we’re further and further into “here to stay” territory. The 3D printed portion of this shoe is the most interesting bit about this shoe. It’s the midsole that we’re looking at, here, made with a lattice design made with 39% bio-based 3D material.


The design and printing is executed by Carbon, using Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis technology (Carbon DLS). In the video you’ll see below, Carbon describes some of its newest tech for all manner of 3D printed products: Per Adidas, the newest 4D midsole works with 23% more cushioning and generates “over three times as much forward motion” compared to previous generations of 4D midsole “under vertical loading in mechanical testing conditions.” In the past we’ve seen shoes made with 3D printed parts. We’ve seen […]

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