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Aectual Circular Allows 3D Printed Architecture Pieces to Be Recycled


Dutch additive design firm Aectual has launched a beta design-to-delivery program, as well as an online store, for its 3D printed architectural and interior products. Now, it’s possible to purchase from the company such 3D-printed elements as “terrazzo artwork flooring, fixtures, wall paneling, columns, façades, stairs, room dividers, planters and table screens — even entire buildings — that are all made from 100% circular, sustainable recycled and renewable materials.”


Aectual spun out of the 3D printed Canal House, among the first additive construction projects to make international headlines. As members of DUS Architects worked on that project, they were so flooded with requests for work and collaboration that a new firm was spun out. The company began with 3D printed floors, walls and façade panels, as well as 3D printed molding for the creation of concrete elements. “Aectual addresses a serious global challenge: the construction sector accounts for 39% of all global carbon emissions and is one of the largest polluting industries in the world . Aectual’s turnkey platform enables AEC professionals and consumers to create beautiful, customized XL 3D-printed buildings, architectural and interior design products from 100% recyclable, renewable materials that minimize waste and don’t harm the planet,” […]

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