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Aectual launches mass customized 3D printed acoustic panels

Aectual launches mass customized 3D printed acoustic panels

Written by David

June 11, 2021


Dutch company Aectual, specialized in the creation of 3D printed architectural and interior design products, has launched a new product series in cooperation with Gramazio Kohler Research at ETH Zürich. The new collection consists of customizable 3D printed acoustic diffusion panels made from 100% circular plant-based materials.


The acoustic panels are suitable for all types of spaces, from commercial venues to residential spaces, and are designed to reduce reverberation and echoes to create a calmer environment. By leveraging its large-scale 3D printing solution, Aectual is able to fully customize the panels so that they can fit into spaces seamlessly. More than that, the company says the panels can be tailored to the customer’s style as well using a dedicated design platform. The overall design concept for the acoustic diffusion panels, which evokes waves and ripples found in nature, was conceived by the Gramazio Kohler Research team. The specific structure of the panels, which is custom generated based on the space in question, consists of a parametrically designed surface that disperses sound waves, softening the edges of hard sounds. The rippling design of the panels is reportedly capable of absorbing about 50% of reflected sound waves. “Acoustics and architecture […]

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