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Agency to Develop On-site 3D Printing

Agency to Develop On-site 3D Printing

Written by David

November 14, 2019


The New York Times reports that TERA, a two-story 3D printed house designed by AI SpaceFactory (a Manhattan architectural and design agency), is helping industry innovators experiment with 3D printed architecture.


The vision for TERA is to implement a strategy of building 3D printed homes on site using hyperlocal materials. The project uses a computer-controlled dispenser to release a material that hardens into different shapes for housing structure (pipe, fitting, etc.)


In the future, the goal is to be able to form the material into a building. As of now, architects are printing portions of houses and assembling them conventionally.


The article reports that innovators are seeking to reduce the expense, environmental impact, and hazards of current construction methods through 3D printing. Building with hyperlocal materials can have positive impacts on the environment, while also serving as a useful emergency housing […]

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