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Agile Space Industries buys 3D manufacturer

Agile Space Industries buys 3D manufacturer

Written by David

June 29, 2021


Agile Space Industries, Durango’s designer, manufacturer and tester of thrusters – small, propulsion guidance engines that steer spacecraft after they leave Earth’s atmosphere – has purchased a Pennsylvania 3D manufacturing company. Agile CEO Jeff Max said acquisition of Tronix3D, which is now called Agile Additive, will enhance Agile’s manufacturing capabilities.


Agile has pioneered the use of 3D printing, called additive manufacturing, with metals in making its custom thrusters for spacecraft. “This really gives us scalability,” Max said. “If we’re working on two programs right now, and two more come in next week, we’ll have the capacity to do that production.” Besides acquiring Tronix3D of Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania, in late May, Agile Space is in the midst of a private stock offering seeking to raise up to $10 million for investments. Agile has also opened an administrative office at 1514 Main Ave. in Durango, formerly The Wine Shop. In February, […]

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