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Arkema shows latest 3D printing resins at TCT Asia


Specialty chemicals company Arkema is presenting a number of recent additions to its N3xtDimension line of UV-curable 3D printing resins at TCT Asia this week.


These latest advanced materials aim to broaden the adoption of additive manufacturing (AM) in new industrial applications thanks to a range of high-performance properties. This includes two new elastomeric resins, N3D-E3009 and N3D-E3109, which deliver soft resilience; impact resins N3D-I2809 and N3D-I2909, which provide a balance of viscosity and high mechanical properties; the N3D-C series of casting resins which offer high resolution; and clean burnout, and a water-washable N3D-W2509 resin, which offers low shrinkage performance while preserving hardness.


Arkema is also showing its N3xtDimension custom liquid resin systems, combining what is thought to be the world’s widest range of oligomers, monomers, photoinitiators, cationic resins and tailor-made solutions fine tuned for AM. The company is one of 220 companies exhibiting at the annual Shanghai event […]

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