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Blackstone develops 3D-printed solid-state batteries

Blackstone develops 3D-printed solid-state batteries

Written by David

November 21, 2020


Blackstone Resources AG is pleased to announce that it has achieved a series of important milestones for its proprietary 3D printing technology to print lithium ion solid-state batteries. The first battery prototypes developed by Blackstone Technology GmbH have already been tested. Following the conclusion of an extensive development contract with the German Fraunhofer Institute, the first prototypes for printed battery cells will be tested in Q1 2021.


The company has been investing in the next generation of battery technology through its German subsidiary Blackstone Technology GmbH. This includes patented 3D printing techniques and research into the mass production of batteries, which has been shown to offer greater energy density and a higher number of charging cycles. Blackstone Technology’s 3D printing process offers substantial advantages over conventional battery cell design that use liquid electrolytes. This includes: significantly lower costs a higher level of production flexibility when it comes to the […]

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