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Competition heats up over volumetric printing patents


A schematic of the xolo xube’s process at work Volumetric printing , as this network reported , has arrived in the form of the xolo xube, but this revolutionary technology already faces contenders for volumetric printing patents.


A United States patent filed by Mr. Daniel Clark of Topshelf Enterprises (T3DP) and Southern Methodist University claims technology similar to xolo’s volumetric process. Mr. Clark points to his patent as occupying the field in which xolo has released a product. This network first reported on T3DP in 2019, when the startup suggested that it was on the cusp of 3D printing solar cells via volumetric technology. Patents grant exclusive rights to inventors for their inventions, which allows intellectual property to generate value. Patents registered in the United States and in Europe are also eligible for registry with the World Intellectual Property Organization . Once registered, the patent becomes reciprocally enforceable in countries that have signed the Patent Cooperation Treaty . In this case, Mr. Clark’s volumetric printing patent has been internationally registered . The patent claims the invention of a machine that fixes resin in a chamber using three ‘photonic energy emitters’. These light sources operationalize the theory of volumetric printing, […]

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