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Could The Pandemic Cause 3D Printer Company Transformations?


After seeing 3D printer companies make fundamental transformations in their business models, I’m wondering if this is a trend. 3D Printing in the Pandemic The COVID-19 crisis has affected everyone, everywhere in some way. Mostly (and most obviously) negatively, but there has been some bright side to see.


We’re fortunate in the 3D printing world that most news seems to be positive, as the world has now recognized that the technology is indeed suitable for large-scale production — often at a moment’s notice, unlike traditional manufacturing. That discovery seems to be having an effect on 3D printing companies in a way I didn’t expect.


One company at the forefront of this transformation is Photocentric, a UK-based firm that originally (and still does) manufacture photopolymer resin used in SLA 3D printers worldwide. A few years ago they added some 3D printers […]

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