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Covid-19 pushes 3D printing to new dimension


3d printing Imaginarium, a Mumbai-based boutique 3D printing firm, whose focus has been on jewellery, furniture and medical implants, is now racing to make PPE face shields and 3D-printed circuit splitters that will allow multiple patients to use a single ventilator


A few days before Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the first nationwide lockdown to control the spread of the coronavirus on March 24, an intern at Boson Machines, an additive manufacturing startup based in Mumbai, pitched an idea: With the situation getting worse, could 3D printing help?


Until now, the company’s focus has been on manufacturing the 3D printing machines themselves. Overnight, they found an open source design and printed a sample of a plastic face mask, similar in design to the N95 that is in great demand at the moment.


“That’s what lit the spark,” says Arjun Panchal, 25, who co-founded Boson Machines with his brother, Parth, […]

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