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Haute Fabrication launches self-learning metal 3D printing service with build volumes up to 5.2 cubic metres


Texas-based Haute Fabrication is launching a fully automated contract additive manufacturing service powered by self-learning metal laser sintering technology.


The company’s Hybrid Direct Laser Sintering (HDLS) process has been in development for more than seven years and is set to become operational for the first time this summer. Seeking investment via the StartEngine platform, the company is working to develop and deploy four variations of its HDLS system – with build volumes varying from 0.6 metres cubed to 5.2 metres cubed – which will be operated by a suite of virtual reality-trained robotic systems and a built-in adaptive artificial intelligence (AI) cloud-based control system.


The finishing touches are currently being put on an initial 30,000-square-foot facility in Austin. HDLS melts fine metal powder with multiple 1100W laser beams to build up parts, starting first with the raft support structures and then the part itself and other support structures. This […]

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