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Desktop Anisoprinting package provides full engineering solution for composites AM


Anisoprint , developers of continuous fiber 3D printing technology, presented a new turnkey solution, which it called Desktop Anisoprinting, that provides a full engineering package of hardware, materials and support.


Following in the footsteps of numerous other AM companies – especially in the composites AM arena – Anisoprint’s goal is to provide the most hassle-free experience even when dealing with complex advanced materials. In terms of materials, the Desktop Anisoprinting package includes plastic filaments tailor-made by Polymaker: Smooth PA and CFC PA. Also included are verified printing profiles, developed by Anisoprint’s application engineers team as well as training courses from experts with more than 10 years of experience in composite materials development.


In combination with Anisoprint’s science-intensive technology of continuous fiber 3D printing, Desktop Anisoprinting will enable manufacturers to obtain optimal composite parts with the minimum risk of failure, wasting no time and money. “Adopting new technologies […]

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