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Desktop Metal Just Made an Industrial Strength 3D Printer That Costs Less Than Your Swiss Watch


As futuristic as it may have sounded in its infancy, 3D printing has proven itself to be very real and very useful. And now the technology—a boon for the medical, automotive and electronics industries, just to name a few—just got more accessible thanks to a new desktop printer.


Desktop Metal’s Fiber LT is the world’s first desktop 3D printer capable of fabricating high-resolution parts with industrial-strength continuous fiber composites. Much smaller and less expensive than the industrial 3D printers usually required for this kind of work, the company’s device is capable of revolutionizing the way that engineers and build shops work.


“For the first time, Fiber printers combine the material properties of high-performance AFP continuous fiber materials with the affordability and speed of a desktop 3D printer,” the company’s CEO and co-founder Ric Fulop said in a press release. While there have been desktop 3D printers before, they’ve mainly […]

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