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Everyone’s Going to Live in a 3D Printed House – But When?


The concept of 3D-printed homes has been around since the early ’70s, adjusted for the industrial possibilities of the time. Most of the theories regarding 3D-printed lodgings had more in common with additive stacking than with the way architects built homes traditionally back then. Now, the 3D-printed home seems to be just around the corner, with more and more talented engineers getting their hands on the tech.


In space, it makes sense! Let’s leave Earth for a moment, and reach into outer space, to the Moon, or to Mars. An inherent drawback of building anything on the Moon, or on Mars, is the dependency on Earth to supply materials. Establishing a functional Moon Base is one of the most formidable dreams of humanity, but just the implied expense of hauling supplies from Earth to a possible space build-site may prove impossible, logistically and monetarily. Utilizing 3D printing could solve […]

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